Distributed Trust Systems
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Blockchain Based Systems

Next Generation Business & Public Wealth Administration

Industry Cooperation

Cooperative systems for business clusters, joint standardized data management within an industry, and similar.

Business Administration

Blockchain based smart contracts enabled systems for business management, supply chain, and more.

Virtual Infrastructure

Transparent & incorruptible platforms enable successful implementation of shared economy solutions.

Public Directories

Blockchain based tamper proof public directories, asset management, and distributed repositories for big data.

Education and inspiration

What is blockchain and how can it affect you? Workshops, seminars, pilots, studies, etc.

Legal systems

Next generation legal structures, identification, and voting systems powered by smart contracts.

Blockchain – Decentralized Trust

Blockchain - Decentralized Trust
Published in October 2016, Blockchain – Decentralized Trust, co-authored by David Bauman, shed some light on what Blockchain technology is, how it evolved, where it is heading, and how it can be used. (Download link.)

About conmundo

Blockchain Solution Provider - A Part of Xelmo
Verified building blocks integrated into next generation distributed IT solutions.

Accountability, transparency, and traceability are all fundamental aspects of a working control structure, both in business and in society. By providing the solution for distributed trust, Blockchain is completely rewriting the map of what's possible to build in terms of globally shared Internet technology.

Depending on its nature, a blockchain based system can either use a global public ledger such as Ethereum or Bitcoin as its core infrastructure, or it can be based on a permissioned blockchain solution providing the means for more control.

If the answer is yes to the first question below and to at least one more, then your system and its stake holders would benefit more from it being blockchain based than from a traditional central or cloud based database implementation:
1. Is a network of entities/things/nodes involved?
2. Is consensus used for validation of data or transactions?
3. Is there a need for audit trail, revisioning, transparency or provenance?
4. Is immutability or tamper proof registry needed?
5. Is there a need for final dispute resolution built in?

  • Consensus Algorithm

  • Authorised Access Anywhere

  • Secure & Tamperproof

  • Permissioned Solutions

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